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3 games in 1 !

Memorize amino acids in no time with fun and educational games

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Exercise your memory by trying to associate the images of amino acids with their names and vice versa.

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Increase the difficulty and try to construct amino acids only with their shape and name!
It's up to you to find the right links and symbols.

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So what is the letter corresponding to Glutamine, G or Q? And its trigram then, Gln or Glt? Find out here…

2 game modes !

Chill with the "Relax" mode or try to meet the challenges of the "Challenge" mode…

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Relax mode

No pressure here, no counter, no points, revise your amino acids easily and if in doubt, you can always find help in the library.

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Challenge mode

Be ready! Try to beat your best times to find the 20 amino acids but beware of the penalties if you make a mistake…

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Some reviews left by our inveterate players

Great app for learning amino acids[…]

Otakukus - ★★★★★

Great application it helped me a lot to learn to draw amino acids I recommend and I thank the developers who knew how to transform the boring learning of amino acids into an addicting game

Anonymous - ★★★★★

That's great! I am in Med School and it allows me to learn more easily, really nice app

EnjoyMovie B. - ★★★★★

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